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Leatherface interview

Last saturday i went to Musta Kynnys bar in Jyväskylä to see one of the greatest punkrock bands in the world. Leatherface was formed in 1988 in Sunderland England, they have released nine full length albums. This article is going to be in English because i interviewed Leatherface band members Frankie Stubbs and Dickie Hammond, and would like to keep the original form of the conversation.

The opening band was Cigarette Crossfire, one of the best punkrock bands in Finland.. They played a solid gig full of amazingness!  I hope they will play a gig in Rovaniemi soon.

I was on the front row when Leatherface started, and it was so hot that when they played I Want The Moon i took my sweater off and threw it over my shoulder and didn´t look back. When the song ended the singer Frankie Stubbs told me "your shirt is up there", i looked back and there it was on top of ventilation tube. I took my shirt back with a mic stand after the gig, and went to the backstage to do the interview.

Seitan: Hey Frankie do you mind if i interview you for my blog?

Stubbs: No go ahead.

Seitan: Where did this tour start, how many gigs have you played?

Stubbs: How many gigs is this Dickie?

Dickie: Seventeen i think and seven left.

Stubbs: The band just put me in the van and get me out from there.

Seitan: Where are you going next? 

Stubbs: We drive to Helsinki and take the crazy ferry to Stockholm. The craziest ferry i´ve ever been to.

Seitan: You should book a gig on the ferry!

Stubbs: I did play at the ferry once, there was an Irish bar with karaoke. There was just few people in the bar and i sang I Can´t Help Falling In Love With You. I didn´t have to look at the words because we have played the song. After the song the whole place was empty. Everybody just disappeared. That was the only time i did karaoke.

Seitan: How did you like the gigs in Finland this time?

Stubbs: Best gigs, every show has had a lot of people. 

Seitan: You should play in Lapland sometime.

Stubbs: Lapland is another thing this time of the year. We had Santas reindeers for a meal tonight.

Seitan: Do you fish?

Stubbs: Not as much as i should. To me it´s the most relaxing thing you can do. I went to Florida United States and we went fishing in the middle of the night: We caught some poisonous little bastards. 

Seitan: I live in Rovaniemi where Santa Claus lives do you belive in Santa?

Stubbs: I think Santa Claus is a German Coca Cola invention but I like the idea of giving presents.

Seitan: Nice idea but someone stole it.

Stubbs: It was a Coca Cola advertising company who stole it, and that´s evil. You know in a hunred years time Mc Donalds might have some weird shit going on.

Seitan: Are you recording after this tour?

Stubbs: Of course, we have quite a littlebit ideas for songs. When we finish this tour, which it on the 27:th of February, we have two weeks off and i won´t wanna stay in a same room with Dickie. After being on tour for 4 weeks i need some time for myself. When i haven´t seen any of these guys in two weeks, then we will start talkin something. We already have enough ideas for an album, but we just got to get everyone together and but it together.

Seitan: i hope you´ll get better with the collarbone.

Stubbs: it´s getting better, last week i took two times the amount of painkillers that i should. I was taking far too many.

Seitan: How did you break your arm?

Stubbs: I went out one night with a girl friend of mine. I stayed the night at her place. In the morning her parents were coming to pick her up to a restaurant and she didn´t want them to meet me so she said you can take my bike. She didn´t realize that i drank a bottle of wine, and it was eight in a morning. I told her i can ride a bike, so i got the bike outside the house, got on it, and in ten meters and fell off. I knew  i’ve done something serious.

Seitan: How drunk were you?

Stubbs: I wasn´t drunk because if i was i would not have broken anything. Then this old couple was walking their dog and as they passed by me their dog pissed on my leg. There was a tree there, so i asked them can you make your dog piss on the tree instead of me? I broke my fucking collarbone then the dog pissed on me, my life just gets better and better.  She called me an hour later and asked me if i was okay, i told her i was awfully fine.

Seitan: You played guitar on one song tonight, did you play on the other gigs too?

Stubbs: Last night i played the same song Not Superstitious, and it didn´t hurt that bad. After first couple of bars i was thinking, bad idea, this song is over 4 minutes long! It was 4 minutes of hell! I laugh at pain.

Stubbs on dickie: Is there any beer left? No i went to buy a round because we couldn´t get any free beer.

Dickie: The place is packed.

Stubbs: They should afford to give us some beer!

Some random dude: what kind of music do you like?

Dickie:  My favorite band is AC/DC .

Random dude: Do you like Bon Scott?

Dickie: I like Bon Scott,  but i love Back In Black. AC/DC is the greatest band i´ve ever seen. Do you like it?

Random dude: I´ve seen it once it was good, not the best but i´ve seen Leatherface.

Dickie: It´s a personal choice, if i wouldn´t like this music that i play, or love it, i would not be in this band. You know im a decorator. My voice is fucked, i was puking up before i went on, puking blood. Dying for your art!

Random dude: That´s the choice.

Seitan: It was a really good gig, thank you!

Dickie on Seitan: Were you shouting for Eagle?

Seitan: Yeah, i was shouting for Eagle.

Dickie: We haven´t played it since 1993, (humming the guitar riff).

Spicy Seitan: I love the guitar riffs on eagle.

I stopped the recording and went out to have a cigarette. Interviewing these guys was a real pleasure! I hope everything good for Leatherface and i look forward for the new album. Bar Musta Kynnys should be ashamed of their threatment towards the bands. Free beer for punks!!

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